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We, @ Tasty Katta, are a team of absolutely passionate foodies who with a common interest and vision have started this FOODVENTURE. Our childhood has been so enriching in food due to the presence of a magician in our kitchen whom we lovingly and affectionately called as AJJIs. Everyone loves the tastes of dishes created by our Ajjis. She would have magic in her hands and would create magical dishes with whatever is readily available to her. Even without the high hand of masalas, her dishes would leave a taste which cannot be recreated.

We yearn to relieve that experience

We want to present ourselves as a group of people who are willing to experiment with flavors and try to bring very authentic and salivating dishes to your table which will remind you of your Ajji.



Birthday Celebration

For Party Orders Please contact: 7798100216, 8308613487, 8208544003

Our Best Services

During these busy times in which we live, a QUICK bite is what many need. Fast Food Joints have opened in almost every corner of the road which you travel. Yet, there are only few where they are finding it difficult to handle the load, whereas, the rest have ample of time in their hands.







A quick bite needs a taste which will bring you back to that place again and again provided you get a hygienic condition to sit and eat and it is easy on the pocket too.

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